The Unicorn Pack ☆

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The ultimate starter pack to bring out your inner unicorn.

Glitter and glow all day or evening long, don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle...
Our beautiful glitter and gems give you full creative control to create stunning unique looks.

Heading to a music fezzie with your #festiebestie, special event, birthday, dress up, the club on a Saturday night, slumber party with your #besties or absolutely any occasion under the moon or sun ☆☾☼

The Unicorn glitter pack includes 1 pots of fine mixed glitter, 1 pot of fine glitter, 1 pot of pearl face gems, 1 packet of rainbow face gems, 1 x hair/face stones and a pot of glitter fix gel, a small pot of Vaseline, along with an applicator brush. (This will last for a several applications)

Ideal and compact for a whole weekend of festival fun. What more could you ask for? How many different ways can you wear yours?!

**Please note** All glitters are face friendly. However, all materials should be patch tested on your skin before using. Just in case.

*To remove, simply use sopa and water.

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